(Photo by ANA AREVALO/AFP/GettyImages)

New iPhone 5 Video Released

If you’re one of the hundreds and thousands who anxiously wait every day for the next iPhone to be released, you’ll love this video!  It details the soon to be released iPhone 5.  The gang […]


A Dogs Eye View Of The Party

A regular video of a party may not be so interesting, but when the cameraman is the dog, it’s pretty funny.


Half of Us Use Our Phones to Take Secret Photos and Videos of People . . . Here are the Most Common Targets

We’ve really turned into a nation of VOYEURS.  According to a new Harris poll, 50% of American adults say that, yeah, they sometimes pull out their phone to take a secret photo or video of […]


Turtle Cam

A camera is on its way BACK to it’s owner, 6 months after drifting away in the Caribbean. A member of the Coast Guard found the camera wrapped in a waterproof case floating near Key West, […]