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A Pretty Cool Wedding Proposal!

Some guy told his girlfriend that his brother wanted them to act in his action film.  During the filming, he popped the question.  Her reaction says it all.

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And Now . . . A Horse Blows Out Its Birthday Candles

Yep.  He did it.

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This is pretty cool. How would you react if you were the BOSS here? You come to work and find a resignation letter…written on a cake! How could you be upset? And how KOOL is it […]

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Happy Birthday Maria Knight!

It’s Maria’s birthday today and I had a cake made for you Maria, but they are still working on it and it should be here later today.  You can see a picture of it above. […]


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How Common Is Your Birthday?

Ever wonder how many people have your birthday too?  A statistician put together a chart of all 365 days of the year based on the total births on each of those days between 1973 and […]


Chocolate Cake – The Breakfast Of Champions

A new study suggests that eating a full breakfast that INCLUDES dessert not only HELPS people lose weight, but keep it off longer. Over the course of 32 weeks, researchers found that participants who added […]


Bill Murray & David Letterman in 1982

Happy 30th Anniversary, Dave!

  Do you remember where you were on February 1st, 1982?  David Letterman does.  He was at 30 Rockefeller Center, taping the very first “Late Night With David Letterman” for NBC.  Dave celebrates his 30th […]