Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin Responds To Chin Questions

A few days ago, I posted before and after pictures of Bristol Palin‘s chin.  It looked to me as though she had plastic surgery.  95% of you agreed in my poll.  Ms. Palin has repsonded.  […]


Video: Margaret Cho On Who Pressured Bristol Palin To Do “Dancing With The Stars,” Plus The Situation And The Grammys

Margaret Cho may have lost Dancing With The Stars to her fellow castmate Bristol Palin, but life is actually looking very bright for the fierce and funny comedienne, as this week, her new musical comedy […]


Who Will Win DWTS?

Frankly, I stopped watching Dancing With The Stars once Kurt Warner was booted.  Although, I DID pop on Skating With The Stars for a few minutes last night.   Tonight is the DWTS finale.  Who do YOU think […]