Mickey Rourke Won His First Boxing Match in 20 Years

His opponent, 29 year-old Elliot Seymour, was a former California Golden Gloves champion with a 1-9 professional record. Was it staged? Could the fight have been fixed? Check out the full fight video below…

94.5 KOOL FM–12/01/2014

Dogs And Cats Are Shown Off During "Meet The Breeds" Show

Ok, Can You Watch TOO Many Cute Animal Videos? Go Ahead. Watch This One Too.

  When you think of who could go up against a Doberman, you probably think of a dog such as a German Shepherd. You probably do not think of a little kitten. However, the kitten […]


Sugar Ray vs. Karate Kid: Who Wins In A Fight?

The new cast of Dancing With The Stars has been announced, including Ralph Macchio and Sugar Ray Leonard.  I was kidding yesterday when I asked on-air which of the two would win in a fight.  But, […]