Bob Marley

Jeff Beck's hands on a Gibson Les Paul guitar (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Happy 100th Les Paul: 5 Classic Albums with a Les Paul on the Cover

Lots of legendary six-stringers have rocked a Gibson Les Paul. Some have put them on their album covers.


(GettyImages/Mladen Antonov)

Newly Discovered Ocean Parasite Named After Bob Marley

In most cases, having a new species named after you would be pretty incredible, but we’re not sure if that’s really the case for a newly discovered ocean parasite that has been dubbed after Jamaican singing legend, Bob Marley.



This Week’s New Releases

A number of new releases featuring classic artists came out this week. Whether you get your music via downloading, online ordering or going to an actual store and buying it, here’s some music that’s available […]


Remembering Reggae Icon Bob Marley, 30 Years Later

Whether you were alive or not while he was, if you have a love and appreciation for reggae music, then you owe much of that to Nesta Robert “Bob” Marley. So what was the universal […]


Jamaica Goes KOOL!

That looks like Tom, but where is Maria? At 5:00 AM Monday morning, Tom & Maria begin broadcasting from the tropical island of Jamaica!  I thought you may like to have a quick overview of […]