Happy Huey Birthday!

Huey Lewis is 63 today! 63!  Are you kidding? Love me some Huey Lewis and The News. Back in the day when MTV played videos…(MUSIC television) and not just on a holiday, Huey owned the […]

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colin hay

Whos Birthday Can It Be Now?

Happy Birthday to Colin Hay from the group Men At Work.  Colin is turning 60 today! If you are celebrating a birthday you celebrate with Colin and a few others like Little Eva, Gary Busey, […]

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paul trumpet

Paul McCartney, Trumpet Player?

Today is a special day!  Paul McCartney is celebrating 71 years today! Did you know that when Paul was a young boy, his Dad gave him his FIRST musical instrument and it was not a […]

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Life Coach

I may be a bit partial to this one because I am from Wisconsin, but I think you may agree with me on this one. I grew up in a small town outside of Milwaukee […]

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American cartoon vocal actor Mel Blanc, (1908 - 1989), born Melvin Jerome Blanc, speaking in his 'Tweetie Pie' voice.  (Photo by Phil Rudge/Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Man of 1,000 voices

Today Mel Blanc would have been 105 years old.  Sadly, he passed in 1989, but he lives on as being the voice of so many characters we all grew up with in our lives. Bugs […]

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Musicians And Celebrities Party For Chaka Khan’s 60th Birthday

R&B icon Chaka Khan celebrated her 60th birthday on Thursday (March 21) surrounded by friends, family and, of course, some legends from the music business. Anita Barker and Natalie Cole were a few of the […]



Charlie’s Old School Toy of the Week

The Old School toy of the week is the View Master. Who didn’t have one of these things? I had to get all the discs. This was pretty KOOL because for birthdays and Christmas and […]

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Happy Birthday Walt!

Today, Walt Disney would have been blowing out 111 candles on a cake the size of the castle at Disney World! I am a very big fan of the Mickey Mouse creator, in fact I […]



Happy Birthday Chunk

I am a sucker for a sad face! Today, my little lady English Bulldog, CHUNK, turns six! I can remember my wife Sandra and the kids picking her out from the litter. She was born […]



Wrinkles are the Thing Women Worry About Most as They Age . . . Here’s the Top 20

  According to a new survey, women start worrying about getting older at age 29.  Of course that’s ridiculous and WAY too premature, so first of all:  Relax.  You look great. But according to the […]