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“The Lorax” Hits Theaters Today . . . for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, I have that plus info on more movies opening this weekend.


NBC's Betty White's 90th Birthday: A Tribute To America's Golden Girl

Betty White Gets Roasted…For REAL!

It looks like the Betty White popularity train is staying on track for a while.  In fact, she’s about to be roasted!  When I say “for REAL” in the title of this blog, I’m referring […]


Super Bowl XLVI

Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Just as big as the game itself, the commercials during the Super Bowl are widely anticipated.  From humble beginnings in the 70’s when ratings started skyrocketing on the NFL’s championship game commercials for the Super […]


Betty White is the Most Popular, Trusted Celebrity . . . Paris Hilton is the Least

In a new poll designed to gauge how effective a celebrity’s endorsement can drive business for a brand, BETTY WHITE was voted the most popular and trusted celebrity.  And PARIS HILTON was voted the LEAST. […]


10 Tips For A Long & Happy Life

Everyone wants a happy life.  And, if it’s gonna happy…it may as well be long!  Betty White has TEN tips for you.  Who knows how to make it long and happy better than Betty?


Mary & Sue Ann Together Again

It’s been 33 years since Mary Richards and Sue Ann Nivens have seen each other.  NO, wait!  That’s my TV addiction speaking.  It’s been 33 years since Mary Tyler Moore and Betty White have appeared on-screen […]


“Leave Betty White Alone” And Stop Making Her Work

There’s a new fake public service announcement on YouTube that features concerned grandchildren pleading with the American public to leave BETTY WHITE alone.  They say Betty is 88, and shouldn’t be forced to work 50 […]


Betty White Comic Book

    You know  you’ve REALLY made it when you star in a comic book.  Looks like Betty White has REALLY made it.


Betty White: AUTHOR!

There are three things Betty White knows all about: sex, aging & animals – not necessarily in that order.  She’s about to write two books on those very subjects…and then some!


“Hot In Cleveland” review

Have you seen “Hot In Cleveland” on TV Land?  While it’s certainly not the best show ever made, I dig it.  The jokes are a bit predictable.  But, I still laugh!  Maybe that’s more about Betty […]