And The Secret Ingredient In The Grateful Dead’s ‘American Beauty’ Beer Is…

The band took the lead, deciding that American Beauty should be a bold pale ale made from 100% U.S.-grown ingredients. From there, Dogfish Head and the Grateful Dead turned to their fans for the last touch, asking their supporters to decide on a special ingredient to set their pale ale apart.


(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Guinness)

Grandma Does A Keg Stand

If you thought Betty White had spunk, wait till you see the 83 year-old woman who did a keg stand at a recent LSU tailgate party! I’ve certainly been to my fair share of “keggers.”  […]



Pumpkin Beer

I love Fall for a few reasons.  First, the cooler temperatures.  Second, I get to wear sweaters and jackets.  (I chose the wrong state to live in because jackets are my favorite.  :) )  Third, […]


The New York International Auto Show Kicks Off In New York City

The Ten Best Cars for Football Tailgating

Football starts in a WEEK, so tailgating can start . . . right now.  And Kelley Blue Book just published a list of the 10 best vehicles for tailgating in parking lots. The Ram 1500 […]


Photo by OLIVER LANG/AFP/Getty Images

Do the Lines on a Red Solo Cup Actually Mean Something?

I tried to find a picture of a Solo Cup, but couldn’t find one.  I hope the one I used is ok. There’s a big rumor going around Facebook that says those lines on plastic […]


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The Boston Beer Party (aka Beer On LeBron)

You gotta hand it to the Miami Heat.  They just keep hanging in during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals!  The Heat beat the Boston Celtics last night, tying the series at 3-3.  Boston fans were […]


The Eight American Beers We Don’t Love Anymore

A website called 24/7 Wall Street crunched some data and came up with a list called “The Eight Beers Americans No Longer Drink.”  That’s how they presented it anyway, but it’s actually “The Eight Beers […]


Beer For The Ladies…

There’s a new beer brand called CHICK BEER which calls itself the, quote, “only beer brand designed for women.”  (–Apparently it’s never heard of Michelob Ultra, but whatever.) Women drink about 25% of all the […]


Working Out? Have BEER Afterwards!

Sure, it sounds silly.  But, apparently BEER is a highly effective recovery drink after a workout!  A new study shows it’s even better than water or Gatorade.  But, there’s a catch.  Of course…there’s ALWAYS a […]


Beer At College Football Games? Some Say YES!

For the past century, The Man has tried to keep beer and alcohol out of college football stadiums.  Something about the sanctity and innocence of the game or whatever. Well, more and more colleges are […]