Beaches Resorts

(Photo by Sandy Corcoran/KOOL)

Jeffrey T. Orders (And Drinks) A Dirty Banana!

Dwight is the star bartender at the Swim-Up Bar at Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club.  After our last broadcast on Tuesday, we paid him a visit.  It seemed like the KOOL thing to do.  […]


(Photo by Sandy Corcoran/KOOL)

Ok, So HERE’S “The Rub.” A Good One!

Yesterday afternoon at Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club, I was in a complete state of Zen.  This is ALL due to Karen and Claudette at Red Lane Spa!  Their hands and fingers were nothing […]


(Photo by Sandy Corcoran/KOOL)

Jeffrey T. Talks To The Big Boss At Beaches Boscobel

I am so impressed with EVERYTHING here, that I demanded to talk to the head boss, the big cheese, King of the Hill, the BMOC at Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club.  So, General Manager […]


(Photo by Sandy Corcoran/KOOL)

Watersports, Anyone? Beaches Resorts Are ALL Over It!

From our broadcast booth at Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club, we look straight over the Caribbean Sea.  Add to that all the pools, and you have some MAJOR watersports!  Now, I’m the only one […]


(Photo by Sandy Corcoran/KOOL)

Entertainment At Beaches Boscobel

If there’s one thing ALL Beaches Resorts do right, it’s entertainment!  But, don’t be fooled.  Fun is EXTREMELY hard work!  Well, it’s hard work to organize.  But, NOT to experience! At Beaches Boscobel Resort & […]



Beaches Boscobel From Jeffrey T’s Point of View

Promotions goddess Sandy has been taking a slew of pictures here at Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club on her expensive camera.  I’ve been taking a bunch on my cellphone.  They may not be as […]



Catamarans Are KOOL at Beaches Resorts!

If you saw our video from Sky Harbor Saturday morning, you know that most of Saturday was spent traveling to Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club in Jamaica.  We arrived after dark that night, found […]


Photo by Beaches Resorts

On Our Way To Beaches Resorts In Jamaica!

Usually, I am sound asleep early Saturday mornings.  But, not today!  I’m at Sky Harbor waiting for a plane to Miami.  After a 3+ hour layover there, I’ll be on another plane.  This time, it’s […]


Lysa D.'s KOOL Kollective

Lysa D.’s KOOL Kollective – 5/29/12

To get you excited about KOOL SUMMER VACATION #2, I chose this KOOL Kollective group…The Beach Boys! Remember, you are listening for the designated Beach Boys song and we will let you know what times […]