BBQ Rules. Yes Webber, There ARE Rules!

The Memorial Day weekend is here and that means that there will be more BBQ grills fired up than usual in the Valley of the sun. Are you all ready for your Memorial Day barbecue? […]


Five Hilarious BBQ Disaster Videos To Watch This Memorial Day Weekend

Raise your hands, who is going to BBQ this Memorial Day weekend? Some of us know a thing or two about grilling while others are good at making playlists, and well–eating. But more often than […]


Come Sampling With Us At AJ’s In Glendale!

Good Morning Kool listeners! Do you feel like you’re in need of some tasty food? Want to meet a Tuscan cook?


God-Grilla…World’s Largest BBQ!

Here’s something for your Labor Day BBQ… An engineer has created the world’s largest barbecue grill.  It can handle 1,000 sausages… or 500 hamburgers… or seven WHOLE lambs… or three WHOLE pigs… or two WHOLE […]



In honor of Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Dave’s of America, ANYONE with the first name DAVE, DAVID or DAVY gets a FREE entree with a maximium value of $15 on Sunday.  Anyone with a […]


Seven Memorial Day Grilling Tips

Fire ’em up! It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means it’s time to fire up the grill.  But you can’t just start a fire and throw some food on.  Here are seven grilling tips to make […]


Fire it up!

How many grills do YOU have?  Seems like a funny questions until you find out that 35% of the population has at least TWO grills…and 20% have BOTH a charcoal and  a gas grill.  And which […]