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Feeling KOOL Weight Loss Myth #4

Myth #4  You shouldn’t train with weights everyday. You can!  Just vary what muscles you work and the intensity.  Work your upper body one day and your lower body another.

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Feeling KOOL – Weight Loss Myth #2

Myth #2 : Never work out on an empty stomach. Training on an empty stomach means that you’re going to go straight into your glycemic levels.  You’re going to be burning fat immediately. Feeling KOOL […]

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Feeling KOOL – work out MYTHS (#1)

Walking is a great way to lose weight. Going for a walk is fantastic,  but if you’re in the market for serious weight loss, you’re going to have to start changing gears. Gradually build yourself […]

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Feeling Kool – Rosemary

According to some research, catching a whiff of this aromatic herb may increase alertness and improve memory. To stay sharp, try smelling fresh rosemary or inhaling the scent of rosemary essential oil before a test […]

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Feeling KOOL – Blood Test for Heart Attack

A new blood test for people who’ve suffered heart attacks could forecast another attack, a new study says.  Researchers found that people who’ve had heart attacks have unique cells floating in their blood system.  Scientists […]

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Feeling KOOL – Reading is UNhealthy? Really?

A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics reveals that reading dieting articles can be unhealthy.  During the 5 year study, teenage girls, who frequently read magazine articles about dieting, were more likely five years […]

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Feeling KOOL – Get a Dog.

Dog + Baby = a reduced risk of asthma and allergies.   Having a dog appears to reduce a child’s risk of developing asthma and allergies, if the child is exposed to a dog in […]

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Feeling KOOL – The ROOT of Deeper Sleep

The ROOT of deeper sleep… Men who take 1500 mg of red ginseng three times daily sleep deeper and spend less time tossing and turning, says a recent study in Journal of Ethnophamacology. The root […]

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Feeling KOOL – Cold is HOT!

Take advantage of Winter’s chilly temperatures and move your workout outside to increase your fat burn.  A small study found that a type of fat cell known as brown fat can sense the cold.  To […]

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Feeling KOOL – Finding the Perfect Mix of Music

Running with music is a great way to get in a groove (just make sure it’s not blasting too loudly, or you won’t hear those cars!). To pick the ultimate iPod playlist, think about what […]

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