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Bob Ross – “Happy Little Clouds” Song

There was a period of my childhood when I wanted to be a painter.  You, too?  It’s GOTTA be due to Bob Ross!  Remember Bob?  He was one of the hosts of “Joy Of Painting” […]


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Julia Child – Remixed & Autotuned

Today, we celebrate Julia Child‘s 100th birthday!  Yeah, I know she passed in 2004.  But, hey…that’s no reason to call off the party.  Remember the Mister Rogers video I posted a couple months ago?  CLICK […]


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Mister Rogers Has Been Auto Tuned

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  A beautiful day for an auto tune!”  That’s how John Boswell felt.  So, he auto tuned clips from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and mixed them into a brand new […]


Mishka The Singing Husky

Proving that ANYONE can sound good when autotuned, enjoy the howling sounds of Mishka the Singing Husky!  She’s become an internet sensation.  I wonder if she knows any [lastfm]Three DOG Night[/lastfm]?


Your Fun Dog Video Of The Day

There’s a new video online of some guy who Auto-Tuned his dog howling.  It definitely won’t win any Grammys, but it’s more proof that Auto-Tune can make anyone a singer.