Someone Bought Marilyn Monroe’s Dress from “The Seven Year Itch” for $5.6 Million

It’s the dress from the famous scene in which Marilyn stands over a grate in the sidewalk and lets the wind from the subway trains passing beneath blow up her skirt.


Jacko’s “Thriller” Jacket For Sale

It’s being called ”the most recognized and significant piece of pop culture” to be sold.  [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]’s infamous red jacket from the “Thriller” video is up for auction late this month. Bidding starts at $200,000. […]


Baby, You Can BUY My Car

Remember the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza bought what he thought to be Jon Voight‘s Chrysler LeBaron?  We all want some connection to the stars.  The fewer degrees of separation…the better, right?  That Lamborghini above was once owned […]


Lucy In The Sky With $300K

$300,000 is a LOT of money for words you’ve already known for over 40 years.  But, that’s how much [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]John Lennon[/lastfm]’s handwritten lyrics to “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” is supposed to make […]


Eric Clapton’s Guitar Collection Auctioned Off For $2.15 Million

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Eric Clapton[/lastfm]’s collection of over 75 guitars and 55 amps was auctioned off at a Bonhams New York on Wednesday and brought in 2.15 million dollars. Eric Clapton Photo Galleryview gallery According to AFP, Clapton’s […]


“Win Barrett-Jackson Tickets On KOOL”

Welcome back to all lovers of Classic Cars, Pony Cars, Muscle Cars, Exotic Cars, Hot Rods, Street Rods etc.  For today I chose this 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner BEEP-BEEP!  It has the full 426 HEMI – 425 hp […]


“But Wait..There’s More”

With such beautiful “fins” I just had to add a follow-up BLOG to give you a close up look at what you will see at Barrett-Jackson NEXT weekend!  Plus, I will be broadcasting live from […]


“Win Barrett-Jackson Tickets On The KOOL Car Tunes Weekend!”

Ladies & Gentlemen…allow me to introduce to you, one of the most stunning examples of American automobile craftsmanship from the Golden Age of classic cars. 


This Glove BETTER Be Warm!

This glove just sold for $330,000.  For THAT price, I’d feel the need to wear the glove 24 hours a day for the rest of my life!  But, I am guessing THIS glove will remain locked up […]


No Fingerprints For You!

If you were planning to buy [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm]’s 1976 fingerprint card, I have some bad news.  Put away your $100,000.  The FBI has seized the auction item!





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