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Gorilla Plays The Part Of Phil Collins

This commercial for Cadbury is three years old and still brilliant!!!


Rod Stewart’s Son Arrested! Again!

Sean Stewart, 30, was pulled over in San Fernando Valley for a minor traffic violation before police discovered he had an outstanding warrant for driving on a suspended licence.


Remembering John Lennon…In His Own Words.

  As John Lennon is remembered around the world this weekend — tomorrow (Saturday) would have been his 70th birthday — Here’s a series of comments from the ’60s and ’70s as he looks back at […]


Rolling Stones Song “She Said Yeah” Is In A Spot.

The Rolling Stones’ “She Said Yeah,” a track from their album December’s Children (And Everybody’s) that was recorded and released in 1965, serves as the soundtrack for a short advertising film for BLEU DE CHANEL, […]


Brian Wilson’s New Album Of Gershwin Tunes Is Big!

IT’s off to a good start sitting at #26 on Billboards’ overall Album chart, and is #1 on it’s Jazz list.  Last fall, Brian Wilson got the all-clear from George Gershwin’s estate to work on […]


A Battle Of The KOOL DJ’s!!!!

Each week, the KOOL DJ’s “throw down” on who has the best Artist of the Week favorite song.


HERE’s The Best Elvis Song Ever Done

Elvis Steve posted his favorite Elvis song, so I thought I would give you mine…


What’s Your Favorite Elvis Tune?

It was 33 years ago today the world found out that the King was gone and he’s still one of the most influential artist of all time.  But what is your favorite Elvis song? […]


Billy Joel’s Going For The Record…

Well, in a long time anyway.  “Last Play at Shea” is a documentary feature chronicling the history of two New York icons and the journey that brought them together for the last musical performance at […]


The KOOL Artist of the Week (Billy Joel) Played With The Muppets!

You know you’ve made it when you get to play with Oscar the Grouch!  Yes, Billy Joel, our KOOL Artist of the week, played with the gang from Seseame Street…a few years back!