Arlo Guthrie

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Why Is Arlo Guthrie’s ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ a Thanksgiving Anthem?

Guthrie famously tells the story of a littering incident between him and a police officer, and its effect on his status when trying to enter the Vietnam War through the draft. The incident happened on Thanksgiving Day, according to Guthrie, and part of the song involves his Thanksgiving dinner with Alice and his friends.


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Arlo Guthrie Loses Wife Jackie, Postpones Tour Dates

Jackie Guthrie, wife of folk-singer Arlo Guthrie, passed away Sunday at the age of 68 at the couple’s winter home in Sebastian, Florida.


Alice’s Restaurant – Now Open 24/7!

For years, radio stations have played [lastfm]Arlo Guthrie[/lastfm]’s “Alice’s Restaurant” on Thanksgiving Day.  But, you always have to live by THEIR schedule.  This year, the doors to Alice’s will remain open all Thanksgiving weekend.  You […]