Ray Stevens Loves Arizona

Ray is at it again. He has a new video on You Tube called, God Save Arizona.” Some people won’t like this video – you decide.


Where have all the candidates gone?

“Long time passing…” Last Friday, Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin dropped out of the Governors race.  Yesterday, it was Buz Mills.  Without getting into politics, I’d like to share why this bums me out greatly.  You’ll […]


The Ceremony Is Monday Morning At 8

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Yesterday morning,  from approximately 7 to 9 a.m. Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops  decorated the VA’s National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona’s 48,000 gravesites and columbarium with small American Flags. For […]


Pros to the AZ Boycott?

I hate hearing about these Arizona boycotts as much as you do! Why punish the whole state and its citizens just because they disagree with a law? But, I’m not ashamed to say there are […]


Prop 100 is a reality

Are you a teacher?  Do you work in public safety?  Appreciate your health?  Surely, you fit in at least ONE of those categories.  If that’s the case, yesterday’s Proposition 100 votes may have worked in […]