Arizona Cardinals

Kurt “Twinkletoes” Warner?

Did you hear the latest rumor about former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner? Looks like he’ll be the next reality TV star! Does the headline of this blog give away which one? Click more…see if […]


Cards Single Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow!

AZ Cards Cardinals single game tickets go on sale to the general public on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. exclusively through Ticketmaster. 


Football Fans, GET READY!

It’s been almost 6 months since the Super Bowl, and NFL fans are climbing the walls.  This withdrawal happens every year!  And, no matter how many people “claimed” get into the other Futbol (Soccer), it’s […]


Faster and cheaper.

Ahh, two of my favorite words!  Especially when we’re talking about  food and beverage at sporting events.  “Faster and cheaper” is the promise being made by one of our major sports teams.  Know which one?  […]


We are just trying to help Deuce Lutui.

The Arizona Cardinals are a little concerned with the weight that Deuce Lutui has gained.  Deuce weighed in at almost 400 pounds when he signed his one year contract in June…just about 60 pounds more […]


Cards schedule released

Wanna plan your tailgating for the next Cardinals season?  Wait no more!  The NFL just released the 2010 season schedule.  We’ve got one MNF game, and guess who plays the Cowgirls on Christmas?  Get it all right […]


“Got a haircut? Which one?”

I always hated that joke!  Almost as bad as “Is your nose running?  Better go catch it!” If you need a hair (or hairs) cut like I do, I have a suggestion for the weekend.  […]