If Cats Said "Mom" Instead of "Meow"What if your cat could say "mom"? Wonder no more... Check out this hilarious video and Happy Mother's Day!!!
Desert Animals Drinking WaterThey put the camera in the bucket so you get a view from the bottom. Interesting to see all the animals that wanted a drink, and didn't (looking at you steer). Check out the video here...
Animals Cover Smash MouthCheck out this video of various animals of the internet doing one of Smash Mouth's biggest hits. Call us crazy, but this might be better than the original...
Is This a Dog or a Cat??There's ANOTHER photo that's confusing the Internet... and this argument is way more entertaining than "Is this dress blue or white?"
17 Dogs Who Won Gold Medals!If you love dogs, you'll love this!
The Animals' Eric Burdon On How Gorbachev, Hendrix & Chuck Berry Have Inspired His Music
'True Blood' Music Recap: Mikky Ekko Subs In For Eric Burdon
Springsteen's Daughter To Chris Christie: Horses Aren't FoodNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie hasn't been shy about his love of Bruce Springsteen, but will he hear Springsteen's daughter out?
When Nature Wants A Ride
Like A Bowlin' Stone
Now This Is Cute... Animals Hugging Each Other!
Dog of the Week [VIDEO]

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