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Venus – The Two Faced Cat

When I say two faced cat, I mean that literally.  This is the wildest animal video I’ve see in a long long time.  Not for what the cat does, but because of her looks. Venus, […]


Monkeying Around At The Zoo With An iPhone

If you want to get some good footage next time you go to the zoo, here’s how to do it:  Some guy used the front-facing camera on his iPhone to film monkeys up close, because […]


12  02-09  dog bites reporter on air

Why You Should Never Stick You Face In Front Of A Strange Dog

That’s too close! Common sense went out the door yesterday morning when this anchorwoman was pulling a strange dogs face towards her and thought the dog wasn’t going to react.  The day after the incident […]


Santa Baby? How About Panda Babies

Santa Claus has been trumped by group of baby panda’s playing on their slide.  Sorry Santa, you have the spirit and gifts, but these little guys trump everyone else on the cute meter. 


Wanna See Some Real Scratching On The Turntables?

I’m not a fan of scratching, but I do love kittens and turntables.  Two out of three isn’t bad, and the cuteness factor on this is off the scale.  Scratching and riding the grooves – […]


Puppy Pulls Pool In House

If at first you don’t succeed………..that’s the gist of this video.  My puppy Bella used to do the same thing when she was little.  Everything she had in the backyard she wanted to bring into […]


Ever See A Monkey With An AK-47?

Neither had I but there was something that didn’t seem quite right with this video. I found out later my suspicions were justified. See the video, then I’ll tell you the story.


How Do You Get Two Kittens On A Treadmill?

Maybe I’m easily amused or maybe its a slow news day – or both.  Regardless, here’s an example of the fact that people will post anything on the internet (and we will watch pretty much […]