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(Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)

Confused Dog On Trampoline

Generally, I try to post blogs here at that have some form of significance…or a “meaning” in life.  But, I can see exactly how many people click on specific blogs.  And, history has proven […]


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Heart Stopping Video As Ducks Cross Four Lanes On A Busy Freeway

I saw this video earlier this morning, and though I figured out it would end as I wanted – but I still held my breathe until the very end.  you may want to look at […]


(Photo by HOLGER HOLLEMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

Kitten Vs. Bunny: Who Wins?

“Kitten Vs. Bunny” sounds like a Playboy Playmate Jello wrestling match.  But, this is actually another in a long line of hysterical animal videos.  Why do we keep posting them?  Because YOU keep watching!!! This […]


(Photo by Jeffrey T. Mason/KOOL)

Disco The Parakeet

Who doesn’t love a silly animal video?  We see literally dozens each week with dogs and cats.  But, how often is the star…a parakeet?  And how many parakeets do you know that can sing “Mr. […]


12  01-18   nephew and baby gorilla

The Nephew And The Baby Gorilla

The protective nature of moms isn’t confined to humans.  A few months ago a family’s nephew became fascinated with a baby gorilla, who in turn became fascinated with the nephew, so they started to play […]


Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Fallen Navy Seal’s Side

The picture says it all, but the video tells the story of a fallen Navy seal and his dog that wouldn’t leave him.  This is the highest degree of loyalty.  Heartbreaking.