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Bear Rescues Struggling Crow From Zoo Enclosure

Wait a minute – don’t bears eat meat?  And aren’t they usually aggressive when their space is invaded? Not in this case of a real Gentle Ben. If you look closely, even the crow seems […]

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Skateboarder And Deer Collide At 40 MPH

See the picture to the left – wait until you see what happened a moment later. Neither the deer or the skateboarder were seriously hurt,  but the skateboarder did suffer bumps, bruises, and some road […]


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Today’s Biggest Internet Sensation Is….A Baby Goat

The baby goat is named Buttermilk.  She’s a five weeks old Nigerian dwarf goat, and to say she’s a ball of fire would be an understatement.  buttermilk lives on a goat farm in Maine, and […]


12  03-08  stranded dolphins

Amazing Video Of Stranded Dolphin Rescue On Brazalian Beach

A school of about 30 dolphins got stuck on a beach in Brazil earlier this week, but don’t worry – they weren’t in danger for long.   People all along the shore quickly came to […]


12  01-18   nephew and baby gorilla

The Nephew And The Baby Gorilla

The protective nature of moms isn’t confined to humans.  A few months ago a family’s nephew became fascinated with a baby gorilla, who in turn became fascinated with the nephew, so they started to play […]


12  01-10  youngest lion tamer in the world

Youngest Lion Tamer In the World?

Her name is Sofia.  She is 3 years old.  And as you’ll see by the video, she has no fear as she stares down a huge lion in the face.  I have a granddaughter like […]


11  12-28  crocodile vs lawnmower

Crocodile Vs Lawn Mower

[sponsored] The header sounds like a punch line, but it one of the stranger events of the year, a crocodile in Australia tried to bite a lawn mower when a grounds keeper got a little […]


Dizzy Orphan Baby Chimpanzee Can’t Stop Spinning

After a few days chasing the grandkids around Disneyland, it’s back to earth.  Chimpanzees are amazing animals,  they are unbelievably intelligent. But Milou, who is at a sanctuary in Africa, likes to play o his […]


Happy Feet Pengiun Released – Track His Progress Back To Antarctica

Happy Feet, the wayward Emperor penguin that washed up onto the shore of New Zealand‘s North Island in June, was released back into the sea on Sunday and began his long trip home to Antarctica.  […]


It’s Alive – And It’s Been Captured

It’s over 21 feet long and weighs over a ton.  Villagers and veteran hunters have captured this saltwater crocodile which they plan to make the star of a planned ecotourism park in a southern Philippine […]