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UFOs Visit Arizona?!

In a video released this month, a retired senior scientist claims to have ACTUAL proof that UFOs do in fact exist! The gentleman making these statements, Boyd Bushman, passed away this year but made sure to document […]

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The Roswell Incident

Have You Seen The Aliens?

We had the “Phoenix lights”, and by now you have seen all of the shows on TV about conspiracy and aliens ships and such.  Today marks the day of the Roswell, New Mexico UFO Crash. […]

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36% of Americans Believe UFOs Exist . . . and 10% Think They’ve Spotted One

According to an article in USA Today, 36% of Americans say they’re CERTAIN that UFOs exist.  That’s about 80 million people.  And another 48% aren’t sure.  Only 16%say there’s no way aliens are flying around […]


Cowboys and Aliens…The Final Showdown

The movie Cowboys & Aliens is in theaters.  Yesterday Tom and Maria had some fun and had YOU choose which Cowboy and which Alien would get head  to head in the battle to save Arizona. […]


Cowboys & Aliens? Who Would REALLY Win?

The movie Cowboys and Aliens hits theaters THIS weekend. The description of the movie says, “A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse of […]