al jarreau

One Al is OK. One Al is not.

Last week, I blogged about [lastfm]Al Jarreau[/lastfm] in a French hospital.  Things did NOT look good.  Now, they do!  He’s expected to resume his tour by the end of this week.  However, the same isn’t […]


Pray for Al!

Through much of the 1980’s, [lastfm]Al Jarreau[/lastfm] sang in my living room.  “Wow,” you may say.  “How do you know Al Jarreau?”  I DON’T!  But, I was a faithful viewer of Moonlighting.  He sang the […]


Birthdays and departures – Friday

BIRTHDAYS AND DEPARTURES – 3/12 1940 – AL JARREAU 1942 – PAUL KANTNER ([lastfm]JEFFERSON AIRPLANE[/lastfm]/[lastfm]STARSHIP[/lastfm]) 1946 – [lastfm]LIZA MINNELLI[/lastfm] 1948 – [lastfm]JAMES TAYLOR[/lastfm] 1949 – MIKE GIBBONS ([lastfm]BADFINGER[/lastfm]) 1951 – JACK GREEN ([lastfm]T-REX[/lastfm]) 1956 – […]