The Human Bicycle

    Waiting at the airport can be incredibly boring, but these guys found a way to spice it up. Watch as they form themselves into a human bicycle.


Sandals Resorts: Back In Phoenix

Tom and Maria are finally back to Phoenix!  Be sure to tune in Monday Morning to hear more about their trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.


Speedo Meets The TSA

The latest from the TSA files:   A man wearing nothing more  than a Speedo has made it through the security checkpoint at Sky Harbor International Airport.


Getting Through Airport Security

    Everyone is talking about the airport pat-downs and body scanners – but there is more to airport security than that.


Airport Security. Too Much?

   Security has been stepped up at the airports…just in time for the holidays.  If you opt out of the backscatter at the airport, you can  expect, what some are calling, a pat down that has […]


Phoenix Is Ranked As The Best Airport In The Country

    “The Daily Beast” just put out their annual rankings of America’s major airports and, as usual, Newark came in dead last.  Overall, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport performed the best of any major […]


Save 40%

You can save 40% on parking at the Sky Harbor terminals. Here’s the scoop from Sky Harbor’s website with a link for a 40% coupon.  You can use the same coupon all month long.