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On Our Way To Beaches Resorts In Jamaica!

Usually, I am sound asleep early Saturday mornings.  But, not today!  I’m at Sky Harbor waiting for a plane to Miami.  After a 3+ hour layover there, I’ll be on another plane.  This time, it’s […]


A New Survey Finds the Best and Worst Seats on an Airplane

A new survey tried to figure out the BEST and WORST seats on an airplane, and the best seat on the average commercial plane is . . . 6A.


Holiday Travelers Brave Thanksgiving Exodus

TSA Loosening Rules, Tightening YOUR Belt?

I can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem taking off half of their clothes at the airport!  Who doesn’t like getting half naked in front of complete strangers with wands?  But, if you’re not […]


Want To See What Happens To Your Luggage At The Airport?

When you check your bags before a flight, you watch as your valuable possessions are taken from you and sent into a dark and scary abyss; only to be reunited with them at your destination. […]


Last Year, We Left Over $400,000 in Change at Airport Security

I have no idea why TSA agents occasionally feel the need to steal from our bags.  They could get rich just from the pennies that set off their metal detectors. According to the TSA, in […]


The TSA is Only the Third Most Annoying Thing About Flying

Almost everyone seems to HATE the TSA.  But it turns out . . . we hate EACH OTHER more. The U.S. Travel Association just released the results of a survey on the things that annoy […]


Are You Going Away For The Holidays?

You know how hard it is to travel during the holidays.  We’ll we’re here to help with a couple of websites that can save you money, and avoid headaches!


An Astrophysicist Found a Way to Cut the Time It Takes to Board a Plane in Half

Now that NASA has cut the space shuttle program, the greatest minds in the space program now have some free time to solve important problems here on earth . . . like boarding an airplane. […]


Patti LaBelle files countersuit

The veteran R&B singer says she is filing a counter suit to allegations that she had her personal body guards attack and beat a West Point cadet! Richard King says [lastfm/]LaBelle’s[/lastfm] body guards  gave him […]


Hurry up and wait!

We all get there early but it’s not all about security