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Jeff Dunhnam Takes On Airport Security & Christmas Songs

“Going through security is not fun,” Walter says. “TSA loves me. They look on the X-ray machine and go, ‘What the hell is that?'”


TSA Booted At Security?

I travelled through 3 different airports over the Christmas holiday, and am relieved that I wasn’t groped or oogled in the securty line.  Others haven’t been so lucky.  In fact, some airports are thinking of […]


Getting Through Airport Security

    Everyone is talking about the airport pat-downs and body scanners – but there is more to airport security than that.


Another Take On TSA Tactics

  Are you flying out of town this week for the holiday?  No doubt you’ve seen the unflattering news stories about security checkpoints at the airport.  Don’t freak out!  Maybe it’s not as bad as […]


Airport Security. Too Much?

   Security has been stepped up at the airports…just in time for the holidays.  If you opt out of the backscatter at the airport, you can  expect, what some are calling, a pat down that has […]