Michael's Ahwatuee Foothills 9-15-13 (35)

Michael’s Ahwatukee Foothills with Lysa D

Lysa D and the Kool Kids on the Block were out and about this afternoon for the Grand Opening of Michael’s.  Listeners had their chance to win some prizes as well as take advatage of […]


How now, black cow?

Residents of Ahwatukee have been up in arms the last couple months over their new neighbor.  This heifer has been hanging in people’s yards and drinking from their fountains!  Hey hey, I don’t use “heifer” as […]


Can you imagine?

There was a nice writeup from Cathryn Creno on AZCentral.com about Mackenzie Saunders.  She’s the 11 year old soccer player from Ahwatukee who took a tumble on the field and was left paralyzed.  THANKFULLY, it was temporary…but […]