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Interview: Ian Hunter’s Hyperactive Approach To Aging

By Ian Hunter’s count, there are but two ways to approach aging. The first, according to the 73-year-old Mott the Hoople frontman, involves sitting at home, “getting fat and getting stupid.” Not this Englishman’s cup […]



Wrinkles are the Thing Women Worry About Most as They Age . . . Here’s the Top 20

  According to a new survey, women start worrying about getting older at age 29.  Of course that’s ridiculous and WAY too premature, so first of all:  Relax.  You look great. But according to the […]


This Year’s College Freshmen Don’t Remember Jordan on the Bulls . . . Never Saw “Cheers” . . . and Have Never Lived Without MP3s

Holy Cow!  Really!?!?!? After you read this, let’s make plans to meet at the “Hometown Buffet” @ 4pm for dinner! Beloit College in Wisconsin just released its annual “Mindset List” for this year’s crop of […]