It Was A Sad Day For The US Military & Americans Everywhere

It was the deadliest day for American’s in over 10 years in the Afghan war.  30 soldiers were killed when insurgents shot down an American helicopter.  Most of those killed belonged to the same elite Navy Seals […]


Honor and Valor

They don’t hand these out very often! As a former Army “Grunt” I served in the Infantry in Vietnam..”This Guy Is A True Hero”


From Afghanistan

I received a very special gift from Col Lorenzo Valenzuela. He stopped by KOOL recently and left a package for me and chatted for a few minutes with Steve.  He told Steve that the troops […]


If Peaker daughter’s wedding doesn’t make you cry, this will

A soldier coming home from Afghanistan is reunited with his dog.  Wait till you see what the dog does when they’re reunited.