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Paul Dano To Portray Young Brian Wilson In Biopic ‘Love & Mercy’

For years, a biopic based on the troubled and triumphant life of the Beach Boys’ creative mastermind, Brian Wilson, has been in the works. Now the film, titled Love & Mercy, is charging full speed ahead, […]


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Freddie Mercury Biopic To Be Released In Early 2014

A Freddie Mercury biopic has been in the works for several years – a film that is assuredly still on track, according to Queen guitarist Brian May.


It’s Oscar time with Billy!

Bill Crystal returns as host of The 84th Academy Awards Show tonight!


Drew Barrymore and Eddie Murphy Are the Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood

The unstoppable list-makers at have released their annual tally of Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors. This year’s champ is DREW BARRYMORE . . . whose movies make a mere 40 CENTS for every dollar studios […]


Barry Manilow Is A Lot More At Ease These Days

What are Barry Manilow and Suzanne Somers up to?