The Main Characters on “Glee” May Be Graduating . . . But There’s a (Slim) Chance Some Won’t Be Gone for Good

“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy has always intended on limiting the show’s main characters to within the show’s natural time frame, which means that many of them will be leaving after next season.  But there’s a […]


Bin Laden’s Home Videos Released

The government released five never-before-seen videos of Osama Bin Laden over the weekend.  Don’t expect to see these on America’s Funniest Home Videos.  (Yes, that show is STILL on the air!)  The videos show a […]


Cash And Carry

Are crooks stupid…or are they genius? A New York man tried to get a refund at Walmart for a television he didn’t own. In fact, the 55″ screen had never even left the store! He […]