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Roger Waters on 60 Minutes

Last night, CBS’s 60 Minutes profiled former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters, discussing, among other things, his mega-successful “Wall” tour. Waters spoke with CBS’s Steve Kroft about the enduring appeal of Pink Floyd’s The Wall […]


Ya Ever Notice…Andy Rooney’s FINAL Complaint

Last night was monumental as Andy Rooney made his final appearance on 60 Minutes, ending a 33 year run.  Anytime I felt I was being a curmudgeon, all I had to do was pop on […]


Conan: The Interview

Did you make it to Conan O’Brien‘s stage show Friday night at the Dodge Theatre?  I did.  And, while it was funny, I walked away feeling ripped off.  I know that not everyone agrees.  Let me […]


It’s CoCo Night in Phoenix!

You may remember I blogged about Conan O’Brien‘s stage show coming to the Dodge Theatre.  That is TONIGHT!  Are you going?  Let me know…love to bump into you.  In a strange twist of timing, he’ll also […]



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