“Matthew’s Day Off” Honda CR-V Super Bowl Ad

Last week I posted a 10 second commercial featuring Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller.  The ending said “2-5-12.”  So, one would figure the full commercial would debut during the Super Bowl.  WRONG!  It debuts right […]


“Two Thousand Twelve” Or “Twenty Twelve?”

Our boss issued a memo back on December 14th that read: TWENTY TWELVE TWENTY TWELVE TWENTY TWELVE It’s alliterative, it’s fun and it’s easy to say.  “Two thousand” is dead.  Dead.   I thought he […]


New Years Eve On The Cheap!

It IS possible to have an awesome New Year’s Eve with your special someone without going into debt.


Promises, Promises

[sponsored] No, I don’t mean the song by Naked Eyes. What are the most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions?


Check Out the Ten Most Popular New Year’s Travel Spots in North America

[sponsored] There’s nothing like ringing in the New Year in the middle of a four-hour line at Space Mountain. According to Hotwire.com, Disney World is going to be VERY crowded in the next few weeks.  […]


You’re Getting A Raise In 2012!

Are you a salaried employee?  Good!  Get ready for a raise next year.  Don’t ask your boss…he/she may not realize it yet.  But, a human resources consultancy says you can “take it to the bank!”


10 Top Doomsday Movies

Tried to rent the movie 2012 in the last couple of weeks?  Or Knowing? It seems like a lot of folks are taking a second look at doomsday movies.  Here are clips from 10 of […]


5-21-11 Is Here – And So Are We

And when 5-22-11 comes, we’ll still be here too.  Do you really need evidence the world isn’t ending at 6pm tonight? Here’s most every know previous prediction of the end of the world debunked case […]


5/21/11 – Are You Ready?

I originally posted this blog on January 3rd.  I noticed it’s been getting a LOT of hits lately.  No surprise, as TOMORROW is the big day!  If you’ve heard about the “impending end,” but aren’t […]