moo $$$ moo $$$ moo $$$

Large Marge here.  I was informed by management last week that my services were no longer needed and  I was given my pink slip.  My last day is FRIDAY.  But you still have plenty of […]



Large Marge here!  This is the FINAL week of the Quarter Million Moola Giveaway.  I actually feel kinda used!  I’ve been milked dry…NOW I’ll be out of a job.  I think I may run for some kind […]


FARMING out $1000

Large Marge here!  Just found out from OX that he was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks.  YES!  It’s true!  He was drafted to the RENO ACES.  (That’s the FARM LEAGUE for the D-backs.)  Ox told […]


It’s the last week to “corral” a grand.

 It’s Large Marge!  HAY!  This is the LAST week to pick up your share of the Quarter Million Moola Giveaway.  I gotta tell ya, I am thinking about heading out of the valley when the […]


It’s the last Monday for Moola.

Large Marge here.  FYI – I’ve been given notice…so this is my last week employeed by KOOL RADIO.  Which is probably a good thing because I have been milked dry!  BUT, If you still want […]


MOOLA for your back to work Monday.

It’s the LAST WEEK for the Quarter Million Moola Giveaway!  Large Marge here.  KOOL has almost milked me dry.  But I can still fill your pockets with a little bit of KOOL Kash.  Let me […]


Last week for MOOOLA

Large Marge here!  Hope you had a great weekend.  The girls and I wrapped up Mother’s Day watching the Suns game!  WOO-MOOO!  How ’bout those Phoenix Suns!  Can you say SWEEEEEEEEEP!  Do I get another […]



Large Marge here celebrating Mom’s Day Weekend.  Getting together with the calves on Sunday.  We have a Mother’s Day tradition…we go out for coffe first thing in the morning.  The family and I head to Star-buckaroo’s […]


Queen for a day.

It’s  MOOOOther’s Day Weekend.  I love getting together with the calves. They usually bring me a bouquet of alfalfa and my girl and I get our hooves done.  Nothing like a quad-  pedicure first thing in […]


Happy MOOOOOthers Day weekend!

Remember MOM!!?!  This Sunday is Mother’s Day. And  it is this time of year that I start missing my calves.  They are getting so grown up.  My oldest attends A.S.MOOOOO and the twins are in high […]