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The Sheriff’s Office Is Auctioning Off Parts Of Tent City. Want To Buy A Piece?

Hopefully, you’ve never had to spend any time there, but with the new sheriff come’s the end of Tent City. Crews are tearing it down and giving you a chance to own a part of it! Picture the 60-foot guard tower in your own back yard! OK. That might not pass the homeowner’s association, but there are other things!

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A Kid’s Service Dog Gets His Own High School Yearbook Photo!

A.J. Schalk has type 1 Diabetes and his dog alerts him when his blood sugar gets too low, which is very dangerous. Alpha, (the dog) will alert him 30 minutes before it happens so A.J. has plenty of time to take care of the problem. Alpha goes everywhere with him, including all of his high school classes. So it’s only fair that he got his own yearbook photo!

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What Do I Need To Know About Comicon This Weekend?

Phoenix Comicon invades the Phoenix Convention Center May 25th-28th, with over 30 actors from some of Hollywood’s biggest films! They will be there for photos and autographs! So, when? Where? How much? Parking? Do they have? Will they have?

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Fiesta Mall in Mesa is Closing!

It opened in 1979 with Sears, Broadway and Goldwater’s as the anchor stores and was a major shopping destination for many years. The space will now be a medical/educational campus.

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Sir. Roger Moore Has Died

He played James Bond in 7 movies from 1973 to 1985.

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I-17 Closures in the Valley This Weekend

The southbound side of the Black Canyon Freeway will be closed between Indian School Rd. & Grant St. from 10 p.m. Friday through 5 a.m. on Monday so crews can lay down new rubberized asphalt. There are more closures and detours.

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Where Are The Best Places To Go?

And when I say go, I mean go! Summer is coming, and a lot of us will hit the road for a family vacation. You know the routine…everyone is packed into the car and you’re headed down the road and making good time when suddenly, from the backseat you hear… “I have to go!” We’ve all been there. So dad starts looking for the nearest place to pull over. That place must contain a lot of tall bushes, or at least a large road sign. If only you had a list of the best Gas Station Restrooms along the way, you could have been saved from this headache! You’re in luck. That list DOES exist, and we have it for you.

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A Mashup You Need to Hear!

What happens when Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” meets Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”? You’ve got to hear it to believe it! Check it out…

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Great Places to Eat in the Valley on National BBQ Day!

No matter what style of BBQ you like, there’s nothing like enjoying some great ribs, chicken, brisket or pulled pork BBQ sandwiches with a great sauce! So, put on your bib and check out some of the best BBQ places in the Valley!

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Want Some Freebies For Mom On Mother’s Day?

You aren’t the only one giving mom some love on Mother’s Day. Check out some freebies just for mom.

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