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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-24-2014

George Clooney proposed and she said WHAT? Is American Idol done?? What did Kanye give his bride as a wedding gift?

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Magic for Dogs

Saw this on You Tube and HAD to share!  The dog’s reactions are THE BEST.

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The Tonight Show BANS Dancing

…and Kevin Bacon has something to say about that! LOVE THIS!

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Alliance Beverage (13)

Alliance Beverage @ Westin Kierland!

Smasher and Kool FM celebrated the Kick-Off of the Scottish Highland Games in style! There was no shortage of great tasting food, good drinks, and amazing performances by some very talented bagpipers and musicians of [...]

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Feeling KOOL – Allergies

Spring is a season many people dread because that’s when their allergies act up. It’s  a good idea to check the pollen count in your area before venturing outside, or spend time outdoors in the [...]

94.5 KOOL FM–03/21/2014

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Celebrity Fact or Fiction with BEN BAILEY

Ben Bailey, the Cash Cab guy, joined Smasher and Maria this morning for Fact or Fiction.  He’s performing at the Tempe Improv TONIGHT, tomorrow and Sunday.

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-21-2014

Muppets Most Wanted movie review! Johnny Depp is BIG in China.

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Feeling KOOL – Sleep Deprivation

Losing sleep may cause you to lose brain cells.  Researchers say long-term sleep deprivation, like that brought on by so-called shift work, drains energy from the brain even after sleeping extra hours on days off. [...]

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-20-2014

Which celeb has a gambling problem? Is the Kardashian show real? Ghost Buster’s 3? Is Tiger’s career over?

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Feeling KOOL – Headaches

Migraine headaches strike anytime but sometimes it’s tough to tell what sets them off. Dr. Stewart Tepper with the Cleveland Clinic says the most common trigger for migraine is stress. Other common triggers include alcohol, [...]

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