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Feeling Kool – The Sun and your Weight

Basking in morning sunlight can help you control your weight.    A new study says people who are exposed to morning sunlight are more trim than folks who get more afternoon sun.  Researchers with Northwestern […]

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Feeling KOOL-Running Rumors?

Turns out people who run a lot of miles each week don’t live any longer than people who don’t exercise at all.    WHAT???   And according to a new study, both groups die sooner […]

94.5 KOOL FM–04/02/2014


Whiskey Flavored Milk – Straight from the Cow

A number of cows close to the Auchentoshan Distillery in the Scottish Highlands have begun producing whiskey flavored milk as a result of sustainable practices. The Scottish whisky industry has a reputation for using barley […]

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Dog(S) of the Week – Junie B and Pawly D (AZHS)

Two puppies were found wandering,  alone,  on the streets.  These two siblings need a FUR-ever and we KNOW you can help. SOOOOO CUTE! For More Cute Puppy Pictures Click Here It’s puppy season and the Arizona […]

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Feeling KOOL-Marriage

Marriage is good for the heart. That’s according to a New York University study that shows a lower risk of heart disease among married couples. Researchers found that married people were five-percent less likely to […]

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Arizona Invented Tasers But Do You Know….?

You NEED to take this list into the office and have some fun with co-workers. I found this so interesting!  Found it on Buzzfeed.  – Maria   Alabama:  Windshield wipers. Alaska:  Kayaks. Arizona:  Tasers Arkansas:  […]

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Paul Reiser visits KOOL (3)

Paul Reiser Plays Fact or Fiction

Paul Reiser stopped by the KOOL Studios this morning and played Fact or Fiction with Smasher, Mini and listener Walter! Check out the video and don’t forget you can catch Paul Resier, TONIGHT and tomorrow […]


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Take a Flight on the Memphis Belle B-17 “Flying Fortress”

This weekend you can take a flight on a B-17 “Flying Fortress”, the Memphis Belle.  The aircraft will be open to the public and available for flights and ground tours on March 29-30.  Click Here […]


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Feeling KOOL – Stress at Work

We all get worked up at work but controlling the stress is possible. Doctors say to stay in the moment rather than anticipating future assignments and make sure to take breaks.  Stretching your neck and […]

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Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 3-25-2014

Which rock-n-roller collected stamps? We need…more Gary Sinise…. Lindsay is bragging about what now?  

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