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Steve Goddard - May 1978

Announcement Of Elvis’ Death As It Happened 37 Years Ago Today

Do you remember where you were the day Elvis Presley died?  I not only have the memory, I have my audio of that day.  I was working at KCBQ in San Diego and just happened [...]

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Abbey Road Cover Photographed 45 Years Ago Today – See Who’s There Now

Friday – August 8, 1969. 45 years ago today one of (if not the) most iconic album covers of all time was shot in front of the EMI studios where The Beatles were recording their [...]

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Passanger On Railroad Trapped By Train

This could have been so bad. Earlier this week, a man exiting a train  at a railroad station in Perth, Australia, slipped and got his leg caught in the gap between the platform and train [...]

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Farmer Klingenberg Serenades His Cattle With A Trombone

Every time I think I’ve seen the funniest video of the year, something else comes along to top the previous one. It’s happened again. Farmer Derek Klingenberg posted this 4 minute video yesterday of him [...]

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Mom Sends Kids Off On 1st Day Of School With Happy Dance

If you remember your first day of school, you can relate to this funny video, but how did the kids feel about it?  Embarassed?   Mortified?  Nope, they think it’s pretty KOOL, especially now that it’s [...]

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Pet Mouse Opens Door For Its Owner

If you don’t like mice,  don’t watch this. A simple video of a mouse that’s been taught to signal its owner to open a door. Well over 2 million views in just 4 days. I [...]

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Bear Rescues Struggling Crow From Zoo Enclosure

Wait a minute – don’t bears eat meat?  And aren’t they usually aggressive when their space is invaded? Not in this case of a real Gentle Ben. If you look closely, even the crow seems [...]

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Conversation With Chicago’s Robert Lamm – (Yes He Explains 25 Or 6 To 4)

Chicago and REO Speedwagon are in town for one of the biggest double bill concerts of the year. Robert Lamm has been Chicago’s keyboard player from the start, and has written some of the band’s [...]

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Cat In A Shark Suit Riding On A Roomba Cleaning The Kitchen

You read the headline correctly. This is a video of a cat wearing a shark suit riding on a roomba around a kitchen floor. Everything else in the video is perfectly normal, which makes it [...]

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Today In Pop Music: July 31 – Eagles Fight Among Themselves During Concert

JULY 31 BIRTHDAYS 1958 – Bill Berry (R.E.M./drums) 1953 – Hugh McDowell (Electric Light Orchestra/cello) 1947 – Karl Green (Herman’s Hermits/guitar) 1946 – Gary Lewis 9This Diamond Ring) ON THIS DAY 1980 – During an [...]

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