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How A Homeless Man Spends $100

Do you ever wonder what a homeless person does with money you give them? One homeless man was given $100 from a compete stranger, who followed hm with a camera to see what he would […]

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Joe Cocker Has Died – His Five Biggest Hits

Lung cancer claimed the life of singer Joe Cocker earlier today.  He was 70. Known for his raspy voice and eccentric stage movements, he was one of the most unique performers.  Since he never learned […]

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Dogs At The Dinner Table With Human Hands

In less than 72 hours, this video has around 3,000,000 views, proving we not only love our own pets, but others as well. Produced in cooperation with the Humane Society of Utah, most of the […]

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The One Area Where An iPad Will Not Replace Paper

This may be one of the funniest videos of all time – it’s certainly in my top 10. A man who has just gotten a iPad and is preparing to do away with paper entirely. […]

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How NOT To Impress A Girl At The Gym – Falling Off A Treadmill Then Doing Something Really Stupid

The guy in this video will never live this down. While checking out a girl as he works out on a treadmill, he slips and falls. Then almost without missing a beat, he bounces up […]

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550 Celebrities Are Asked A Simple Question: Lennon Or McCartney

Some celebrities thought it over before answering.  Some gave a quick answer. And some didn’t answer it at all. 282 votes went to one of the two artists, 196 went to the other. There were […]

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A Half Dozen (+1) Christmas Songs I Discovered This Year

Let me start by confessing I love Christmas music – not all of it, but a majority of it.  And I get a big kick out of finding tracks of new and familiar songs in […]

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The Most Insane Ski Line Ever

Cody Townsend has been training for a 16 second ski ride for two years. Fortunately he lived to not only talk about it, but he had a video crew capturing the death defying run. It […]

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A Toddler’s Adorable Compassion Caught On Video

This brought back so many great recent memories for me. It wasn’t too long ago that our now 6 year old Alyssa was strapped into her seat watching movies like this, and reacting pretty much […]

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Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Golden Globe List Of Nominations

There are surprises, omissions, and some obvious choice on the 2015 nominees list. ‘Birdman’ is the big winner with 7 nominations. And some of my favorites made the cut too:. ‘House of Cards’ nominated for […]

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