Smasher and Maria


2013 Winter TCA Tour - Day 6

Arrested Development Season 5 May Be on the Way!

Rumors of a new season have been swirling for almost 2 years, but in a new interview Brian Grazer (Arrested Development executive producer) said that 17 new episodes are being planned. After running on Fox […]

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KOOL Dog of the Week – WILLOW (AZHS)

I don’t think they get much cuter than this little girl!!! Willow, a 6-month-old Lhasa Apso, was rescued off the streets by Emergency Animal Medical Technicians and after being hit by a car, she’s currently […]

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A Delhi Zoo hospital staff feeds a one-m

Meet the San Diego Zoo’s Newest Addition!

The San Diego Zoo’s resident mama jaguar Nindiri welcomed her baby on March 12th but the cub just made a public debut recently. This is the third cub for Mother Nindiri. The sex and name […]

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Tim Tebow has his, now so does Tom Brady...

Watch Tom Brady Cliff Jump!

Tom Brady had a great weekend with this family in Costa Rica, while Patriots fans and management just breathed a collective sigh of relief. Brady posted this video to his Facebook page with the caption […]

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Feeling KOOL – Meatless Mondays

Lent comes to end this Thursday – so Catholics will go back to eating meat on Fridays. But, if you’d like to keep the tradition going all year, some dietitians suggest trying out “Meatless Monday’s.” The […]

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AMC Ad Sales Event

The “Fear the Walking Dead” Teaser Trailer is Here!

If you missed the season finale of The Walking Dead on Sunday night we won’t spoil it for you. Good news though, the spin-off series we’ve been hearing about for almost two years debuted a […]

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Muhammad Ali Fight Night    Smasher   3/28/15

Smasher at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night

We had an amazing time at the star-studded Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix. Celebrity Fight Night is a star-studded evening presented in honor of featured guest, Muhammad Ali. By attending the event and […]



Feeling KOOL – Neck Pain

Nearly 20-percent of us have experienced neck pain within the last three months.  Knowing the source of that pain could put you and your stiff neck on the road to relief.  A stiff neck is […]

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Feeling KOOL – Seasonal Skin Care

Do you find that your lips are always chapped this time of year? Here are a few things that may help. Use a humidifier next to your bed when you sleep at night. When you […]

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Feeling KOOL – Youth Baseball

Spring has sprung and it comes with the crack of the bat and the smell of the fresh cut grass. Youth baseball is popular for kids of all ages, but if a child has arm […]

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