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Feeling KOOL – Bigger Bellies

Adult waistlines are continuing to expand.  The CDC says the size of the average American belly has increased an inch over the past decade to a circumference of nearly 39 inches.  CDC researchers warn that [...]

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Prepare For the Storm WITH your Pets

Who knows what this new storm may bring.  Being prepared is always the best option when it come to you and your family…including your four legged family members.   1. If possible, bring outside pets [...]

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Panic! At the Disco Does AMAZING “Bohemian Rhapsody” Cover

You have GOT to see this live cover performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Panic! At the Disco. This is from their official YouTube account on Sept 15th. Video by Jon Hoeg

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Goldfish George Has Tumor Removed

A ten-year old goldfish named George gets a second chance at life after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor.  The 45-minute procedure was conducted last week at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne. After getting [...]

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dan stevens

(Interview) Dan Stevens dropped by the KOOL Studio with Smasher and Maria

Dan Stevens, of Downton Abbey fame,  swung by the KOOL Studio to talk about his new movie THE GUEST and give acting lessons to Smasher and Maria.

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Feeling KOOL – Diabetes Epidemic

More than one in three Americans 20 years of age or older have pre-diabetes, a condition marked by higher-than-normal blood sugar.    Another 12 percent are suffering from diabetes, either diagnosed or undiagnosed.  Add it [...]

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Poll: Women Over 35 Would Rather Look Young Than Thin

A new survey finds that after a certain age, women think more about aging than weight.  Conducted by skincare brand Sanctuary Spa, it finds that 60 percent of women say after age 35, the best [...]


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Media Industry Professionals Drink The Most Coffee

Coffee is the drink of choice for people who work in media.  A new survey from U.K.-based firm Pressat has found that journalists and media professionals rank number one on a list of the top [...]


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Cell Phone Lane in China

A city in China has created a special lane for pedestrians who want to pay more attention to their cell phones than their surroundings.  CNN reports the sidewalk along one of the busiest streets in [...]


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Leslie Mann, Ed Helms and Christina Applegate at the Helm of “Vacation” Refresh

Fire up the family truckster cause it’s “Vacation!” time, okay not quite yet, but filming is starting soon on this squeal/refresh of the 80’s classic “National Lampoon’s Vacation”. Leslie Mann is set to play a [...]



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