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Koalas Fighting – Warning Adorable

We’ve never had an argument with a Koala but we’re pretty sure we would end up laughing the entire time. Check out the video and tell is you’d still be angry.

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Feeling KOOL – Artificial Sweeteners and Diabetes

Something else to worry about. A new study links artificial sweeteners with diabetes.      Researchers at the Weizman Institute of Science in Israel say mice that received artificial sweeteners showed higher levels of glucose [...]

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Grumpy Cat Gets a Voice!

If you didn’t know, the Valley’s very own Grumpy Cat is getting a Lifetime movie, and since Jane Lynch tuned down the roll we’ve been wonder who could take on the challenge. And now “Parks [...]


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Aretha Franklin To Release Surprise Album on 09/30/14

Aretha Franklin has been working on a new album featuring a cover of Adele’s hit Rolling in the Deep. Today, Showbiz411 reports that the Queen of Soul’s “surprise” album will land on Sept. 30. Showbiz411’s [...]


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Bring On the Elephants

A zoo in the U.K. is hoping to be invaded by a stampede of elephants this weekend. The Whipsnade Zoo in London is asking patrons to help make 30-thousand origami elephants for a display in [...]


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Feeling KOOL – Bigger Bellies

Adult waistlines are continuing to expand.  The CDC says the size of the average American belly has increased an inch over the past decade to a circumference of nearly 39 inches.  CDC researchers warn that [...]

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Prepare For the Storm WITH your Pets

Who knows what this new storm may bring.  Being prepared is always the best option when it come to you and your family…including your four legged family members.   1. If possible, bring outside pets [...]

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Panic! At the Disco Does AMAZING “Bohemian Rhapsody” Cover

You have GOT to see this live cover performance of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Panic! At the Disco. This is from their official YouTube account on Sept 15th. Video by Jon Hoeg


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Goldfish George Has Tumor Removed

A ten-year old goldfish named George gets a second chance at life after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor.  The 45-minute procedure was conducted last week at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne. After getting [...]


dan stevens

(Interview) Dan Stevens dropped by the KOOL Studio with Smasher and Maria

Dan Stevens, of Downton Abbey fame,  swung by the KOOL Studio to talk about his new movie THE GUEST and give acting lessons to Smasher and Maria.

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