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Live from Hollywood – with Cecily Knobler

Check out the trailers and reviews here before hitting the theaters this weekend…

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Chubby Siberian Tigers Chase a Drone Bird

Watch these tubby tigers chase a drone that looks like a bird. With this kind of exercise, they’ll be lean and mean in no time…

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olive's birthday

Make Your Dog Some Homemade Treats!

It’s Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day…yes that’s a thing. Celebrate with this recipe for homemade doggy treats!

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Murphy, the Piano-Playing Horse

Murphy is a rescue and has since become quite the star. Check out the video…

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Live from Hollywood – with Cecily Knobler

Rain in the forecast this weekend, stay dry in a movie theater! Let’s check in with our movie expert Cecily Knobler about what to see…

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AZ Diamondbacks Broadcast w/ Maria and Chad 2-15-17

Maria and Chad had a blast at Salt River Fields today interviewing some of the current and past players of the Arizona Diamondbacks! They had a great time talking to players Archie Bradley and Patrick Corbin. […]

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Maria & Chad, Joshua Murray, Agua Fria

Valley Teacher Got His Students’ Names Tattooed on Him

High school teacher Joshua Murray made a very permanent promise to his students, and when they followed through on their part he kept his word. Check out his amazing story here…

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Live from Hollywood – with Cecily Knobler

It’s finally here… The LEGO Batman Movie! Will it live up to the hype? Is Fifty Shades Darker the perfect Valentines date movie? What about Keanu Reeves in John Wick 2? Check out the latest reviews right here with our Hollywood expert…

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Maria & Chad Rolling Cigars, Bahamas, Sandals

Maria & Chad Rolling Cigars!

Our trip to Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa & Resort was awesome and this is just one of the things you can do if you win the trip! Check out the video here…

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Maria & Chad Beer

Maria & Chad Brewing Presidential Beer!

We wanted to do something special for President’s Day this year, so we’re brewing George Washington’s beer recipe! You can try it with us, details inside…

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