10-25-14 Thorobred Chevrolet with Corina (14)

10-25-14 Thorobred Chevrolet with Corina!!

Corina and the KOOL Kids on the Block headed out to Chandler this time to check out the Thorobred Chevrolet dealership!! This location was just overall amazing and their vehicle selection was excellent! All types […]

94.5 KOOL FM–10/25/2014

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The KFC Double Down is Back with a ZINGER!

Okay not sure why we aren’t getting these KOOL foods here, but over at KFC Korea they have released the “Zinger Double Down King”. This bad boy is two pieces of fried chicken with a bacon […]


Photo by: VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Cinematic

We love the Sid Meier’s collection of games, especially the “Civilization” series.  Now you can watch the full intro cinematic to the new science-fiction-themed entry into the award-winning Civilization series. As part of an expedition […]


Photo by: THOMAS LOHNES/AFP/Getty Images

2001: A Space Odyssey – New Trailer

Everything old is new again, as shown in this newly released trailer for the classic “2001: A Space Odyssey”.  Released to promote Stanley Kubrick’s philosophically ambitious, technically innovative and visually stunning cinematic milestone return to […]


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Jena Malone to Play Robin in Batman VS Superman

It looks like the Carrie Kelley edition of Robin will be hitting the big screen in the new Batman VS Superman movie coming out next year.  Carrie took the mantel of Robin in Frank Miller’s […]


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The all new CRAZY CART XL!!!

OMG OMG OMG, the Crazy Cart has been a run-away hit for kids and now Razor is building one for the big boys.  The Crazy Cart XL will be on sale soon! Supporting up to […]


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Daddy Caught On Camera

We all like to sing to our children, we don’t all like to be caught on camera doing it! Check out this dad’s reaction once he realizes the wife is recording him.


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Charlie vs Swayze

Charlie was channeling his inner Swayze while watching “Dirty Dancing” on ABC Family and his mom recorded it and posted it on Facebook. Now over 6 million views later and Charlie is going viral! Check […]


Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Judge – with Robert Downey Jr

This weekend if you can make to the movies make sure you go see Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge. The movie is about a successful lawyer (Downey) returning home for is mothers funeral only […]


Photo by: Bily Foster/CBS Radio

Katy Perry Headlining Super Bowl XLIX

Its official this year’s super bowl half time show will star multi-platinum pop star Katy Perry!  She was in the running with both Rihanna and Coldplay but Ms. Perry won in the coveted slot in […]