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The all new CRAZY CART XL!!!

OMG OMG OMG, the Crazy Cart has been a run-away hit for kids and now Razor is building one for the big boys.  The Crazy Cart XL will be on sale soon! Supporting up to [...]


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Daddy Caught On Camera

We all like to sing to our children, we don’t all like to be caught on camera doing it! Check out this dad’s reaction once he realizes the wife is recording him.


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Charlie vs Swayze

Charlie was channeling his inner Swayze while watching “Dirty Dancing” on ABC Family and his mom recorded it and posted it on Facebook. Now over 6 million views later and Charlie is going viral! Check [...]


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The Judge – with Robert Downey Jr

This weekend if you can make to the movies make sure you go see Robert Downey Jr. in The Judge. The movie is about a successful lawyer (Downey) returning home for is mothers funeral only [...]


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Katy Perry Headlining Super Bowl XLIX

Its official this year’s super bowl half time show will star multi-platinum pop star Katy Perry!  She was in the running with both Rihanna and Coldplay but Ms. Perry won in the coveted slot in [...]



Time Machine Trip to 1975

Wow what an awesome trip tonight inside the 6 O’clock Time Machine! 1975! 1975 brought lots of “new” to the world including the introduction of the first mobile phone, the first ever strike by doctors, [...]


Temperatures Rise In London

Real Life Stop Motion

The people at CorridorDigital can do flips, kicks and tricks in real life so they took the simple concept of stop motion animation to create a fun video of a Stop Motion Parkour battle sequence. [...]


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Stayin’ in Black – Bee Gees AC/DC Mashup

Take 1 part Bee Gees mix in 1 part AC/DC and you’ve got and incredible version of Stayin’ in Black mixed together by Wax Audio.


Iowa Town Plans To Launch Video Game Hall of Fame And Museum

A Wedding Cake You Have To See To Believe

POSHDJ teamed up with Christine at to build this Donkey Kong Projector Wedding Cake.  By using 3d Mapping and a couple projectors they are taking wedding cakes to a whole new level. And check [...]


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Yusuf Cat Stevens Skips NYC Due To Ticket Scalpers

Yusuf Cat Stevens’ is skipping the New York City stop on his tour due to scalpers increasing the prices so much.  He addressed the issue on his website today. “Unfortunately I will not be performing [...]



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