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The ALL-REQUEST KOOL CAFE is coming up at noon, so make sure to get your request in. QUESTION: Baseball is wrapping up this month, so should we play “Sultans Of SWING”, or “SWINGtown”? Let me [...]


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[WATCH] Tennagers React To NINTENDO (NES)

Listening to these kids talk about the Nintendo makes me feel super old! Most of them had never even seen one to begin with! I’m shocked. Watch this entertaining video!


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[WATCH] Little Boy FACE PLANTS In President Obama’s Oval Office Couch

This little boy seemed uninterested in meeting the President of The United States. He decided to take a face first plunge into the couch in the Oval Office. Watch this:



The “Charlie Experience” v.28: Pro-Cras-Tination

Boy oh boy! I think that Procrastination is an inherited trait! I think it was passed down to me by my Mom who hated to do all the “hard” stuff. I mean who doesn’t want [...]

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New Music from John Cougar Mellencamp

John Cougar Mellencamp has released another new track from his new album “Plain Spoken”. This song reminds me of John back in the day. It has a very gritty, pouring out of the soul sound [...]

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[WATCH] Adam Levine Does Michael Jackson Singing Impression

I just fell in love with Adam Levine all over again!! The other night he was on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and played a game where he had to do musical impressions. My [...]


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[WATCH] How To Peel And Cut A Pineapple In 50 Seconds

Pineapples can be such a pain to cut!! I love eating pineapple but hate how long it takes to cut! Buying a pre-cut pineapple is too expensive sometimes, so I never really eat it. Watch [...]


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What’s Your #OneGoodReason?

Today, CVS Pharmacies stopped selling cigarettes. Some people love this, some people will never shop there again. I get it. Again, a CHOICE. We are presented with them every day. And everyday we get to [...]

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[WATCH] NEW Six Flags Batman Ride

This new Batman ride at Six Flags Fiesta in Texas looks CRAZY!! The ride features: “beyond-90-degree drops and six 360-degree spins…world’s first 4D free-fly roller coaster” I get motion sickness just watching the video. I [...]


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Did You Know? 80′s Movie Facts You May Not Know!

This weekend, we are going back to the 80′s with the LOST 80′s LIVE concert at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. With that in mind, I am sure we all remember our favorite [...]

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