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[WATCH] Bike Robbery Caught On Camera

Malcolm Fox was riding his bike on a Somerset West trail on Saturday afternoon when the unexpected happened! He found himself being robbed at gunpoint! The robbers took his phone, keys, sunglasses & bike! One thing they didn’t [...]


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[WATCH] President Obama Filmed Working Out In Hotel Gym

This might be the greatest video of all time. President Obama was staying at Warsaw Marriott in Poland and decided to go to the hotel’s gym. Well while working out, other hotel guests starting filming [...]


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[WATCH] How One Mom Became The Owner Of A Motorcycle

This is an amazing short film about how one man’s mom became the owner of a motorcycle but more deeply it is about how people use objects to connect with times, ideas, and people.  It is [...]


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The “Charlie Experience” v.24: So Close I Can Taste It!

This week I made my way into the offices of Red Mountain Weight Loss for my monthly check-up. As I wait in the lobby to be called back into the little room to check my [...]

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[WATCH] Billie Jean Played On Beer Bottles

Michael Jackson was truly one of a kind. His musical talent and interesting style will make him monumental for years to come. Want to cover one of his songs? I would second think trying to [...]


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[WATCH] Cat Battles A Human In A Game Of Jenga

Ever seen a cat playing Jenga? No? Don’t worry- we have the video for you right here: What human trait does your pet do?


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[WATCH] Young Girl Plays Tag With Seal- See What Happens When She Falls

I just love when animals act like humans. Check out this video gone viral or a young girl playing tag with a seal… the seals reaction is priceless:  


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[WATCH] Adorable Korean Baby Steals Hearts With Her Dancing

This video has been making its rounds and is simply too cute not to share with you. Check out this adorable baby getting her dancing on:  


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Top 25 Live Artists From 1990-2014

What would it be like to earn over a billion dollars? Some of the biggest bands can tell you exactly what that means! Billboard just came out with their list of the Top 25 touring [...]


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[WATCH] Steve Perry Hits The Stage To Sing Journey Classics

Maybe it’s just me, but I have always been a fan of seeing the original artists stay with their respective bands and belt out the hits the way I remember them. Huey Lewis did it, [...]