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KOOL iPhone iOS8 Secrets & Tricks

The new iPhones are out and so is the new iOS8 operating system has some positives and negative. If you have updated your iPhone to use the iOS8 platform, you may or may not know [...]


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Countdown to “Death” Watch

Just when you thought you have seen it all, there is the countdown to death watch. SkyMall magazine, you know the magazine on the airplane that has all of the really KOOL stuff in it [...]

94.5 KOOL FM–09/25/2014

Bob Seger Concert Photos (12)

Bob Seger is Coming!

Bob Seger is hitting the road and headed to Phoenix! He’ll be in town February 19. If we’re lucky the J. Geils Band is opening on some select dates, lets hope it’s February 19! He’s [...]


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Cheerios Just Made Me Cry

Cheerios. It seems to be that food item that is in every household. You give them to your kids when they are small as you can remember. They have been served in bowls, put in [...]

94.5 KOOL FM–09/25/2014

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[WATCH] ELDERS React To Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer

Have you heard about the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”?? If you have read the book then you all know how dirty “Fifty Shades Of Grey” it can be. The trailer for the movie has [...]


09-17-2014 Lennar Homes (19) EDIT

Live Broadcast with Charlie Huero at Lennar Homes!

Charlie Huero and the KOOL FM team were out at the opening of the brand new Lennar Homes community in Ahwatukee on 17th Ave. and Pecos Road. Charlie was doing his whole show live from [...]


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[WATCH] Little Girl Freaks Out After Dad Shaves His Beard

While playing peekabo a dad scared his daughter so much that she started CRYING!! He had a beard one second and the next second it was gone! Who knew playing peekabo could make someone cry.



Tiny Hamster Hot Dog Eating Contest

You have seen Kobayashi eat his way to the championships for Hot Dog eating, but he has met his match! A HAMSTER can put them away faster than he can! How fun! ~Charlie Huero

94.5 KOOL FM–09/16/2014

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My First BFF

I can remember the day when my second child, Sofia, came into the world. I can also remember the reaction from her older sister, Mia, and how she was with the baby. Now, they are [...]


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E-L-O On The G-O!

ELO is one of those groups that when you listen to their Greatest Hits you discover that you know MORE of their songs than you thought you knew! I grew up with their HITS and [...]

94.5 KOOL FM–09/16/2014


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