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[WATCH] Homeless Man Wins Lottery- His Reaction Will Leave You In Tears

Over the past few weeks, a young man has seen a homeless man around a store right by his house. Everyone says that the homeless man is “a nice and respectable man”. Would you do [...]


Spring in Tent City

Touching Video ‘Second A Day’ Looks Into The Life Of A Young Girl & Will Leave You Speechless

This eye-opening video looks into the life of a young girl by giving you a one second video clip each day for a year. The video starts out with the celebration of her birthday-where she [...]


IAA 2013

[WATCH] Subaru Vs. Stickbomb Video Goes Viral

This has got to be making every toy car fantasy come true! In hopes to show off their new 2015 Subaru WRX STI R/C car, Subaru teamed up with some pretty talented film directors and came up [...]


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The “Charlie Experience” v.21: Things That Make You Go “Hmmm”

Welcome back. I am here for another edition of the “Charlie Experience” and I wanted to share a video with you. It might put some things in perspective. It did for me. And really this [...]

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NBA All-Star Game Halftime Performances

Michael McDonald Reunites With The Doobie Brothers For A Country Album

News has just been released that Michael McDonald who is currently on tour (he will be in Arizona on March 22nd) , will be reuniting with the Doobie Brothers for a country album! Johnson sat down [...]


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[WATCH] John Travolta Makes a HUGE Mistake During The Oscars

John Travolta was given to opportunity to introduce Idina Menzel as she took the stage to sing at the Oscars last night. However, after the long list of compliments he gave her- he couldn’t pronounce [...]


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[WATCH] Bill Murray Gives A Touching Shout Out To Harold Ramis After His Passing

Last night’s  2014 Oscars had EVERYONE talking- and between Jennifer Lawrence tripping down the red carpet and John Travolta’s embarrassing name slip up… it was one memorable show. However, nothing compares to the touching moment [...]


Honest University Commercial

Wanna Go Back To School?

LOL! Funny and so true sometimes! I have two girls getting ready for school like this in a few years. You bet they are going to apply for every single scholarship that exists!

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2014-02-25 10_15_24-Holding Trunks_ When Mary Met Mila at the San Diego Zoo - YouTube

Trunks Of Love

I recently read a story that claims elephants have the same emotions as humans. Everything from family to mourning the loss of another elephant. They are pretty amazing. This is a video of an elephant [...]

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Lennar Homes Verrado

Charlie Huero went back out to Verrado Lennar Homes today to check out the amazing community. Lennar Homes put on quite a good presentation with a jumper, free food, and of course the beautiful décor [...]

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