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How Do You Top Cute? With ADORABLE!

OK, so yesterday I put up the video of the baby sea otter that was rescued. Then I find this adorable little fella called a “Slow Loris“. A small, nocturnal animal. But beware! It has [...]

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MOVEMBER 7th-9th: Ready?…Set…ACTION!

Today is all about action. I know, it’s Friday…the end of the week, but you should think about something over the weekend. Think about taking action. Health issues are nothing to mess around with. I [...]

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Paul McCartney (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney’s Previously Un-Released Jingle “Love My Baby” Now Available!

Paul McCartney fans got an exciting surprise this week after the music legend released “Love My Baby”, a new song with much history. In 1974, Paul McCartney and Wings paired up to film One Hand [...]

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Orphaned Baby Otter Will Make Your Heart MELT!

I admit, I’m a sucker for “cute” and this one takes the cake! What a great way to start a Thursday! This is a video of a baby sea otter that was rescued in California. [...]

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MOVEMBER 6th: Health Tip: Be Contagious! SMILE!

I would like you to try something after you read this. It’s really very simple. You will be VERY surprised with the reactions you get. In fact, they should make you feel good! I do [...]

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MOVEMBER 5th: Health Tip: SLEEP On It!

Here we are at MOVEMBER 5th. How is your moustache coming along? Mine, well I can see it’s going to take a while. I think by the 30th I may have something to talk on [...]

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MOVEMBER 3rd: You Have Dirt On Your Lip

Saturday was the start of MOVEMBER which is the month designated to raise awareness of Men’s Health. This month we grow moustaches which start conversations regarding “WHY are you growing a moustache?” in which we [...]

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MOVEMBER 1st: The Rules

Happy MOVEMBER! Guys, today is the day that we start fresh. Clean. Time to break out your blades, razors, shavers, clippers, whatever you use, and shave down the beard and moustache! We start FRESH today, [...]

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Soon the trick or treaters will be done, and the Halloween decorations will be down. It’s going to be November, or should I say MO-VEMBER! Gentleman, it’s time to grow out your moustache for the [...]

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Tricks Or Treats?

Friday is the big night. All the kids in the neighborhood will be out running from house to house in their Frozen/Marvel Super Hero costumes to grab candy for Halloween. Every year, my wife goes [...]

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