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[WATCH] Details Revealed About TV Show “Frasier” That Will Shock You

Did you know that on the TV Show “Frasier”, all the callers were celebrities? Check out this video and see if you can match the voices to the stars. They put up a little picture [...]

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[WATCH] Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Videos Takes Over NASCAR

I am sure that you have all seen the “bad lip reading” videos that are floating around Youtube. You know.. the ones that have people doing voice overs of what the football players or actors [...]



How To Make A Neat Freak Smile

OK, so I have issues. I am a little bit O.C.D., A.D.D., and probably some other things too. I also LOVE to be organized. When I walk the neighborhood and the manhole covers don’t line [...]


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[WATCH] Shocking Video Of A Bunny Taking A Bath

So I just can’t get enough of watching adorable animals but this video might top them all. I mean have you ever seen a rabbit take a bath in a sink… and LOVE every second [...]


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[WATCH] Puppies And Kids Battle For Cuteness In This Adorable Video

It is the question that has been around for ages and it is time to finally pick a winner. The question you ask? Who wins the cuteness contest… puppies of babies? How about a showdown between [...]


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[WATCH] Kids React To Walkman- Their Description Is Priceless

What is a walkman? OK, I remember my first Walkman! My Grandmother took me to the Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin. We walked into the store and there it was…the first Sony Walkman. Just a radio [...]



[WATCH] Flight Attendant Shocks Passengers With Midlife Crisis Speech

Oh boy, how many times have you been on a flight and sit through the explanation of safety instructions from the flight attendants? I’m not sure how many people pay any attention anymore. I mean [...]


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[WATCH] 90-Year-Old Best Friends Talk Justin Bieber, Iphones And The Keys To Life

This has GOT to be one the best video videos I have seen in a LONG time. 100 -year-old best friends sat down for an interview to share their secrets to lifelong happiness, their friendship [...]


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[WATCH] Redneck Chair Spin Goes Viral

Bored at work? Let your imagination run wild! This guy took redneck to another level with his chair spin… and we love him for it!    


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The “Charlie Experience” v.21: “The Wall/The Kip”

Oh how I hate “THE WALL”. It’s that point where progress seems to stop. Where it feels like no matter what you are working on, it’s barely making a dent. Welcome to THE WALL. I [...]

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