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06-26-2015 Three Dog Night Concert
Foodie Friday with Smasher 6-26-15
Saturday Night Dance Party
Foodie Friday with Smasher at Allstate Appliance 6-12-15
5-29-15 Allstate Appliance
U2 Concert Saturday
Nationwide Vision With Maria Knight
KOOL FM And Charlie Huero Starship Pre-Party at WildHorse Pass
5-21-15 Charlie Huero and Fulton Homes with Deer Valley High School
5-9-15 Charlie Huero with Complete Marine!!
Big Red Rib & Music Festival with Smasher 5-2-15
KOOL FM And Big Red Rib Fest with Smasher!
4-24-15 Goodwill W/ Tom Peake
4-19-15 Larry H. Miller Tent Sale with Tom Peake!!