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4-9-16 Lennar Homes
Eldorado Hotel & Spa
Bucket List Day 2
Bucket List Santa Fe Day 1

Charlie Experience

Noon Salute Winners Ironwood High School with Charlie Huero 12-8-2016
4-9-16 Lennar Homes
Noon Salute Check Presentation with Charlie Huero 12-10-15


AZ Celebration of Freedom with Charlie Huero 7-4-17
Brass Armadillo with Carolyn Coffey!! 5-29-17Carolyn Coffey and the KOOL gang out at Brass Armadillo!
Noon Salute Check Presentation At Apollo High School


Brass Armadillo with Carolyn Coffey!! 7-2-17
Brass Armadillo 7-1-17
Phoenix Hot Tubs & Swim Spas with Charlie Huero! 5-27-17

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