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Carolyn Coffey at Freeway Chevrolet!! 2-19-17
Anderson's Maple Syrup 2-17-17
AZ Diamondbacks Broadcast w/ Maria and Chad 2-15-17
Anderson Maple Syrup 2-11-17
Charlie Huero at Fulton Homes!! 2-11-17
Kalil Fiji Water

One Comment

  1. Sue says:

    I love listening to Tom and Maria in the mornings. I think they are the best. When they start laughing it gets me laughing which is a good way to start the day. Thanks Tom and Maria. You both rock!

    1. Maria Knight says:

      THANKS SUE! We really do enjoy our job…hard to believe this is actually WORK!

  2. Cadillac Eddie says:

    Maria’s pipe idea is not that far-fetched. When San Francisco needed a source of drinking water they ran a pipe from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite 167 mi to the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the pipes are 96″. It delivers 239 million gallons per day. All gravity feed.

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